Remote work for Canada and USA companies

When you need skilled and experienced IT support, you no longer have to go through the effort of locating and hiring IT staff. You can hire IT support that is much more effective than distracted on-premise staff . Our team focuses all their attention on keeping your IT systems and networks running efficiently, so your team can keep working.

Remote Network Management

In present-day globalize and techno-savvy business atmosphere, remote network management performs a big part and is not restricted to just the hardware and software. Remote network management system allows you accessibility to handle your system from any location.

Techno System is an innovator of remote infrastructure management system. Our experts provide 24×7 network monitoring and security services. We monitor your network and proactively maintain all network devices for performance, availability, function, stability and security. Our Maintained IT Services distribution is built on a powerful groundwork of technological innovation, people, and procedures. Practical protective servicing of IT Systems allows us to reduce recovery time and sustain a healthy system for your business.

Remote Network Management Highlights

  • Identify network problems early and applied rapid solutions to IT network management problems
  • Unlimited IT support
  • 24 x 7 network/security monitoring
  • Manage network complexity while your business grows, at a predictable cost, identifying and validating technology requirements
  • Tracking and monitoring of all devices under contract for proper operation. Notification when faults occur.
  • Analysis of data trends and data network performance optimization
  • Configuration management and service restoration for complete care of your network
  • Remote Support Network (Management of all types of Windows Server and Network Appliances)
  • State-of-the-art trouble ticketing system
  • Proactive security and maintenance

Remote Server Management

Servers are considered the most critical components of the IT infrastructure essentially as they house the most vital information. We also provides a comprehensive remote server management services. Our remote server management service include constant, protected and certified assistance and administration services for any type of UNIX, LINUX, Solaris and Unix like server structure in business data centers.